The Best Medicine Is Free!

November 15, 2017 | LivingWaterIsMovingWater, LoveExercise, LoveHealth | By Author

The power of this medicine amazes me and here are a few reasons why:

– Increases lifespan

– Improves mood (happiness/enjoyment)

– Increases energy

– Improves brain connectivity

– Boosts the immune system

I encourage everyone to take part in this medicine, because once you get started the benefits will blow your old self away to a new better/improved YOU!

Side effects include:

– Reduces depression, anxiety, & body fat

– Improves self-esteem, quality of sleep, & flexibility

– Decreases aging, stress, bad cholesterol, & blood pressure

– Strengthens bones & muscles

– Removes toxins & oxygenates the body

The benefits continue, and the best thing about this medicine is you can partake in it almost anywhere at any time in many ways – EXERCISE!
Exercise is the remedy to prevent death and stirs the waters of life in our bodies

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