Positive Health

The positive health workshop promotes strengths that can contribute to a healthier, longer life.

Positive Relationships

The positive relationships workshop encourages healthy relationships though self and social awareness, communication skills, and other interventions.

Stress & Coping

The stress and coping workshop reviews the impact of stress and coping strategies to assist in maintaining a healthy balanced life.

Thoughts & Emotions

The thoughts and emotions workshop considers how thoughts and emotions influence behaviors.

Parent Coaching

The parent coaching workshop explores the difficulties of parenting, and interventions to cultivate kindness and boundaries in the home and/or community.

Character Strengths

The character strengths workshop identifies individual strengths and how to implement character strengths in daily living to improve life satisfaction.

Anxiety & Depression

The anxiety and depression workshop reveals current research on anxiety and depression symptoms, and natural and therapeutic strategies to decrease symptoms.

Creative Therapy Strategies

The creative therapy strategies workshop considers various techniques to use in therapy such as music, art, games, and toys.


Performance Enhancement

Performance enhancement dives into the research to encourage strategies for organizations to achieve greater results.

Outcome Based Choices

Outcome based choices considers the outcome desired by organizations and the action plan to pursue the outcome desired.

Cultural Improvement

Cultural improvement identifies the current culture of an organization, the culture desired, and tools to start creating a healthy progressive culture within the organization.